Four Goal Setting Secrets

Goal setting is the most important thing you’ll do to improve yourself. After all, self-improvement doesn’t work if you’re unsure of what to improve or how to measure your success. Thankfully, life coaches have already compiled the best-kept secrets about goal setting.

Life coaches from all backgrounds agree in the power of goal setting. However, every coach has a unique twist to goal setting. Here are some of the top goal setting secrets for achieving success.

Secret Number One

Heavy meditation or focused concentration is suggested before any life-changing experience. This will do two things. First, you’ll be able to question your motives. Take as much time as needed to understand the reasons behind your goal as it will help you avoid mistakes along the way. Second, heavy meditation or focused concentration is also great to visualize the steps you’ll need to take.

Secret Number Two

Always write down your goals. I can already hear some of you whining… I don’t care if you write like a seasoned pro or first grader. Write down your goals in explicit detail. If your goal is truly challenging and requires a series of events to occur, create a list of sub goals to accomplish that map to your main objective. Again, be detailed!

Secret Number Three

Take action! While any good life coach understands the need to plan out your goal, it’s also important to take action. Whether its fear of failure or the gut-wrenching feeling of change, don’t get stuck in the planning phase of goal. While planning and visualizing are great, they can prevent you from taking that important that initial step. A great way to ensure action is to write down your official start date.

Secret Number Four

Get an accountability partner. Whether it’s a trusted colleague or an experienced life coach, your success will improve immensely when you’re being held accountable. Accountability can be addressed in a scheduled phone call, webinar, text message, or email. Someone holding you accountable throughout your journey is the best way to achieve success.

Summing it Up

Goals are like a good book. You have a beginning, middle, and end. Without the proper set up created at the beginning or the context created in the middle, the climactic finale means nothing. When self-improvement is attempted without proper goal setting at the beginning, the outcomes can be a chaotic and rarely end successfully. After all, you’ll never be able to measure your success without the parameters of a goal.

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