Life Coaching Tips on Getting Clean

Cleansing your system is one of the healthiest things you can do if done correctly. However, the self-help landscape is littered with bad advice, and you shouldn’t detox without knowing all the facts. For those dedicated to a healthier life, here are some life coaching tips on getting clean.

We all know someone struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs, sugar, nicotine, or processed foods. These substances build up in the body and physically change your internal organs and central nervous system. Healing energy that was once evenly distributed throughout the body is over-allocated to your organs that filter pollutants. Likewise, the brain undergoes a physical change as neurons physically reroute connections in response to the addiction. As the saying goes, you truly are what you eat.

While it’s easy to recognize the impact of these products on other people, it’s far too common to ignore the physical changes when it happens to oneself. An outside perspective typically has the most unobstructed view of any problem, and it’s the reason we recognize the struggles of others before we recognize our own problems.

We all have vices that prevent us from reaching our best self. Drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and sugar make us obese and slow down our cognition. The first step towards a cleaner life begins with a detox. If clean living is your goal, use these life coaching tips on getting clean.

Detoxing from Drugs and Alcohol

If you’re planning a detox from drugs or alcohol, consult your doctor first. While some people can simply quit drinking or stop occasional drug use, many others require medical assistance. Heavy alcoholics and opioid users almost always require medically assisted detoxification.

For those detoxing without supervision, try the six-month challenge. The six-month challenge is total abstinence from your poison of choice. For those quitting alcohol, you’ll lose a lot of bloated water weight and your face will look a lot slimmer.

Detoxing from Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances in the world. You see sugar everywhere you go- soft drinks, candy, fast food. Many young adults find it hard to believe that previous generations were in much better shape physically because they ate a fraction of the amount of sugar. When you look around today, it’s hard not to notice the obesity epidemic.

The best way to avoid diabetes and lose weight is to cut all processed sugar out of your diet. Use the six-month challenge to achieve success. However, be ready for mood changes, headaches, and low energy for the first couple of weeks. Hey, nobody said it was easy.

Summing It Up

Detoxing is the first step in cleansing your body from harmful pollutants and improving every aspect of your life. When you’re feeling good, you’re capable of anything. If you need a little help with accountability or encouragement, contact us to learn more about how a life coach can help you overcome your addictions.

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