Life Coaching Tips to Detox Your Life

Most people think about detox in the context of toxins. After all, we’re all inundated with ads talking about a variety of products designed to cleanse your body from toxic build up. However, our bodies only make up one-third of our existence. The other two-thirds of our existence includes the mind and spirit. So, how does a life detox work?

With traditional detoxification, commercial products- herb concentrates- are used to drive the toxins from the body. The result is a feeling of rejuvenation and empowerment. Detoxification makes it easier to overcome addiction, relieve stress, and lose weight. Detoxing your life is quite similar in theory.

We can breakdown our lives into three key domains: mind, body, and spirit. When we talk about detoxing our lives, each domain must be cleansed to achieve balance. Thankfully, top minds in the field of life coaching have already done the research and have kept their suggestions secret until now. If you’re ready for a life-changing event, consider these life coaching tips to detox your life.

Mind Detox

Focus directs all our thoughts. This is an adaptive trait that makes humans so successful. When we concentrate on work, we get more done. When we concentrate on loved ones, we grow our relationships. There’s a direct link to focus and outcomes.

However, negative thoughts also drive outcomes. Detoxing the mind involves removing the toxic thoughts that prevent you from achieving success. Try meditation or counseling to overcome any negativity that’s holding you back.

Body Detox

Toxins come from a variety of products, so be mindful of what you put into your body. This goes far beyond drugs and alcohol. For example, sugar, processed foods, deodorant, paint, carpet, and even the air we breathe has harmful toxins that can create problems after years of buildup.

There are several commercially available products for detoxification, but consult a doctor if you have medical concerns. While a body detox isn’t a fix-all solution, it will make you feel amazing.

Spirit Detox

Life is much tougher than we realize. Just when we think life can’t get worse, it does. We’ve all experienced failure and loss. Whether we’re driving a Bentley or bicycle, we all have unique struggles. These struggles remind us of our humanity.

Detoxing the spirit begins with the removal of toxic ideas and people. Unfortunately, some people will always prey on others or spread negativity. Make yourself available to those truly dedicated to your best interests. Drop your emotional luggage and embrace a higher power.

Summing It Up

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