What Makes a Great Life Coach?

A good life coach possesses the same skills as a really good friend. Unlike your best friend, a life coach is professional contractually bound to you. This fiduciary relationship grows as you meet and exceed your personal goals. While your life coach may have a friendly personality, other great life coaches can be downright mean. Don’t confuse friendship for quality service.

So, what characteristics should a great life coach have? Like your best friend, a good life coach should possess characteristics that come naturally. These traits will be easily identifiable when you meet a potential life coach. In most cases, people know within the first few minutes of conversation. It’s okay to shop around until you find the right one. Your choice of life coach may involve a variety of factors. These factors could include life coaches with specialties in fitness, mental health, or business development. Despite your specific needs, here are a few must-have characteristics you should look for when choosing a life coach.

Good Listening Skills

Above anything else, a good life coach needs to be able to listen. Active listening involves much more than hearing. Active listeners can pull themselves out of a conversation and observe from a third person perspective. This unique perspective allows the listener to choose appropriate questions based on the flow and direction of the conversation. Good questioning is the best indicator of a great listener.


Let’s define integrity. Integrity is the act of doing “the right thing” when no one is looking. A person with integrity can always be counted upon to do the right thing in all situations. When you choose a life coach with integrity, you’re able to open up more and trust the process because you know your best interests have already been taken into account. Without a doubt, integrity is another key characteristic of a great life coach. Without a doubt, the integrity of the person managing your success is critical.


An objective observer provides valuable perspectives you never knew existed. The life coach you choose should be able to evaluate you without bias. This evaluation includes knowing when to praise, encourage, or kick you in the butt. Far too often, we allow those within our echo chamber to influence our decisions. While consensus is comforting, it rarely helps you grow. Choose a life coach with the objectivity you need to succeed at your goals.

Summing It Up

A great life coach knows how to listen, has integrity, and will be an objective observer of your progress. While the personalities and skill sets among life coaches will vary greatly, the core characteristics should not.

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