When Your Life Coach Tells You to Quit

Resilient people never quit. We’ve all heard that one before. However, quitting isn’t always a bad idea. Clearly, I’m not suggesting that people should give up on their goals when times get tough. Rather, I’m suggesting there may be an easier way of achieving the goal by quitting certain behaviors. After all, it’s a lot easier to climb a mountain when you’re not wearing a backpack full of lead weights. So, what’s in your backpack that slows you down?

An experienced life coach can identify self-defeating behaviors or flaws in your goal strategy. When a life coach identifies a problem, the solution may be to stop doing whatever it is that’s slowing you down. Quitting bad behavior and giving up on bad ideas is truly a liberating feeling when you finally see how it prevents progress. Here’s a list of common behaviors, habits, and bad ideas an experienced life coach would tell you to quit.

Quit Procrastinating

Planners are notorious procrastinators. While the planning and dreaming phase of a goal is both fun and exciting, you’ll never achieve success until you take action. One of the best ways to avoid procrastination is to create deadlines on your calendar. Break these deadlines into achievable timelines that provide appropriate time to accomplish your tasks.

Quit Trying to Be Perfect

You’re far from perfect, so don’t attempt perfection. Perfect is an unrealistic mark of success as it’s impossible to achieve. When people focus on unattainable goals, they miss the transformation that occurs in pursuit of your best self. Shooting for high goals and pushing your limits shouldn’t be confused with the pursuit of perfection. While pushing yourself helps you grow, focusing on perfection waste’s your time. Rather, set your goals to be better tomorrow than you are today. Find ways to measure your success and use that information to throttle your success.

Quit Doubting Yourself

Fear is a multi-headed serpent that finds unique ways of intimidating you. One head tells you that you’re not necessary. Another head tells you that you’re too weak to last. Yet, another head tells you that you’re not good enough. While fear is a formidable enemy, courage is champion inside you that slays the multi-headed serpent of doubt. It’s okay to scared, just keep swinging.

Summing It Up

Sometimes the best advice is to quit. After all, not all actions, thoughts, and attitudes work in your best interests. Identifying the problems within your strategy or mindset is a liberating feeling everyone should experience. When the weight of the world drops from your shoulders, your goals become much easier to attain.

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