Which Celebrities Secretly Use a Life Coach

Success at the highest level is always the result of a lot of hard work, overcoming failure, learning, and determination. To assume people like Oprah Winfrey or Tom Brady accidentally fell into the roles they occupy today is ridiculous. As we admire these superhumans for their amazing accomplishments, we often wonder what sets them apart.

Many of us work hard, but never achieve our goals. Like everyone else, we’re determined and willing to whatever it takes. So, what gives? Do life coaches really make significant impacts on success? Here are five celebrities that owe their current success to a life coach.

Oprah Winfrey

The Queen of Daytime TV has a history of success and attributes much of it to her life coach, Martha Beck. There’s really no secret that Oprah has been a big advocate for life coaching and relies on it today.

Tom Brady

The leader of the Patriots offense and probably the world’s best quarterback, Tom Brady, attributes some of his success to his controversial life coach. Utilizing eastern meditation and a top-secret workout program, Alex Guerrero still works with Tom Brady regularly.

Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine actor always had the dream of working with Tony Robbins. After becoming famous, Jackman got his chance. The first words Tony Robbins said to Hugh was, “I have a gift for you.” Jackman says Tony Robbins is a “Bright Light.”

Serena Williams

Staying on top of your game in professional tennis is no easy task. Through a career of injuries and setbacks, Serena Williams maintained the highest level of success. She attributes much of her success to- you guessed it- Tony Robbins.


The most famous metal band, Metallica, used Phil Towel to overcome artistic and cohesive issues. While the rock band struggled with these same issues throughout their garage-band days, they now rely on proven methodologies and strategies that help them work together and get more done.

Summing It Up

The most successful people in every field have one thing in common, a great life coach. If you’re ready to up your game, contact us. A better tomorrow is a phone call away.